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Race Preparation & Coaching Services

New to ultra-running?  Your first “100”? 


Completing that first ultramarathon can be a truly transforming experience.  You committed and worked hard for it.  You earned this.  Those bragging rights are yours--forever.

But sometimes you hear laments like these at aid stations, at the finish line or the day after:
“I DNF’ed at mile 92.  So close; so frustrating.”
“I was doing fine until my stomach acted-up and wouldn’t stop.  I was done.”
“I ran tons of miles to train for this race but still DNF’ed.”
“My goal was to finish in under-24 hours.  It took more than 30 and just wasn’t fun.”
“I was throwing-up so much that I had to drop.”
“Blisters made me miserable but I didn’t want to take off my shoes to look.”
“I ran out of water and just couldn’t continue.”
“I ran my first 100-miler without a crew. My night gear wasn’t where I needed it.  Big problem.”
“I was really tired, but my pacer kept pushing me.  Finally I just stopped, sat down, then passed out. An ambulance took me to the hospital for IV.  Could my crew have helped more?” 

Any of this sound familiar?  You’ve done the work, run all those training miles. Has that made you completely ready for race day?  Is this your first ultra, or first “100”?  Running 50 or 100 miles or more is very hard.  You will have your low points. Your body and feet may well rebel.  You may want to quit.  But, there is so much you can do to maximize performance, minimize trouble and keep your focus on that prize finish on race day. 

Over the years, I have seen too many ultra-runners suffer far more than necessary and wished that I could have somehow helped them.  Many of these lessons I’ve learned myself the hard way!   So, with lots of encouragement from runner friends, I am now offering a comprehensive range of race preparation services, geared especially to the new or newer ultramarathon runner to have you truly ready to go when the starting gun sounds.


Being ready on race day to complete a distance of 50 or 100 miles involves a great deal more than running lots of training miles—although time on your feet is a “must”, too.  Optimal preparation must also consider nutrition, hydration and electrolyte adequacy and balance, training for course conditions and perhaps intense heat or cold (or both), building the core strength to outlast the long distance to be covered and the hours you’ll be out there, the mental fortitude to know that the finish line will not be denied you, wearing the right clothes and shoes, managing blisters and chafing, GI distress and other physical issues.  Selecting and working with a crew counts, too--if the race allows crew or pacer support.  If not, strategically packing and placing “drop bags” can have major impact on your result. 

Florida runner Jodi Weiss is a very experienced and knowledgeable ultramarathoner who expressed it this way: “So many folks now-a-days rush into signing up for these events, but underestimate what they are getting themselves into. I am a planner, but also a realist - I don't want to get hurt out there or create any issues for the race itself.  I think it's critical for people to plan and train if they want to succeed.”


I now offer a range of services that will be customized to meet your specific circumstances, preferences and goals.  Options will include everything from a complete coaching and race-preparation training schedule to creating a race-day plan only.  First step will be an in-person or telephone conversation to hear about your dream.  We will discuss your experience and condition, goals and timeline, current running and training activities, race-specific considerations and more.  I’ll recommend a plan and, once agreed, we will begin. 

Schedule a call now with Bob Becker. 
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